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Detectable Warning Surfaces (Truncated Domes)
Product Name Manufacturer* Phone Number Approval Date
DURALAST Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated

ej (formerly East Jordan Iron Works)

800-874-4100 07/18/05
Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated Neenah Foundry Co. 800-252-5801 09/08/05
IRON PED Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated Mfg. by Neenah Foundry Co. 763-478-8128 01/29/10
CAST-DWD OR CAST CORP Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated Cast Corporation 218-263-9510 04/15/10
CAST-DWD Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated Pioneer Detectable, LLC 262-370-5355 or 877-270-3663 08/26/10
Advantage Cast Iron: Coated or Uncoated Mfg. by Neenah Foundry Co. 800-682-2525 08/10/12
Duratek-CI: Uncoated Detectile Corp. 312-213-1507 10/04/12
TufTile Cast Iron Tiles: Coated or Uncoated TufTile ADA Tactile Products 888-960-8897 06/02/14



*NOTE: Federal Aid Projects require US Code of Federal Regulations 23CFR635.410, the "Buy American Steel and Iron Regulation" be followed.

This is stated in the Contract Special Provision (1601) SOURCE OF SUPPLY AND QUALITY (follow link below).

The iron detectable warning surfaces on this list may or may not be made in the USA.

It is the contractors responsibility to ascertain the country of origin before installing or purchasing detectable warning surfaces, if the above regulation applies.


At this time MnDOT is only allowing cast iron detectable warning surfaces.


Approval Status is based upon the individual foundry and the submitted pattern. A change in the foundry or pattern voids the approval

and a new sample must be submitted.







Jim Kochsiek
Office of Materials and Road Research