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Approved/Qualified Products


Special surface finish system

The following products are to be used in the Texture Coating System. Note: All paints must meet MnDOT Spec. 3584.

Special Surface Finish System


Product Name Type/System
Concrete Surface Finisher Plaster Mix
Mighty Bond Supreme Bonding Agent
Akonasheen Acrylic Paint
BASF Building System
Product Name Type/System
Thoroseal Plaster Mix Plaster Mix
Acryl 60 Bonding Agent
Thorosheen Acrylic Paint
Sherwin Williams
Product Name Type/System
Bond Rite Plaster Mix
Kem Cementitious Surface Finisher Bonding Agent
A-100 Acrylic Paint
Tamms Industries
Product Name Type/System
Concrete Finisher Oyster Plaster Mix
Akkro 7T Bonding Agent
TK Products
Product Name Type/System
TRI-MIX Plaster Mix Plaster Mix
TK-225 Bonding Agent
TRI-Sheen Acrylic Acrylic Paint