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Approved/Qualified Products


Special surface finish system

The following products are to be used in the Texture Coating System. Note: All paints must meet MnDOT Spec. 3584.

Special Surface Finish System


Product Name Type/System
Prospec Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher Plaster Mix
Akona Concrete Surface Finisher Plaster Mix
Akona Mighty Bond Supreme Bonding Agent
Prospec Mighty Bond Bonding Agent
Akonasheen Acrylic Paint
BASF Building System
Product Name Type/System
Thoroseal Plaster Mix Plaster Mix
Acryl 60 Bonding Agent
Thorosheen Acrylic Paint
Sherwin Williams
Product Name Type/System
Bond Rite Plaster Mix
Kem Cementitious Surface Finisher Bonding Agent
A-100 Acrylic Paint
Tamms Industries
Product Name Type/System
Concrete Finisher Oyster Plaster Mix
Akkro 7T Bonding Agent
TK Products
Product Name Type/System
TRI-MIX Plaster Mix Plaster Mix
TK-225 Bonding Agent
TRI-Sheen Acrylic Acrylic Paint