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Expansion joint system

Expansion Joint System
Product Manufacturer
SteelFlex SSA2 Series w/ A2R Neoprene Gland*
Wabo Strip Seal Type A w/ Type SE Neoprene Gland

*SteelFlex SSA2 Series as manufactured by the D.S. Brown Company and as detailed in their SteelFlex Bridge Products Brochure. Use the A2R series neoprene gland. Joints shall be modified as detailed on the manufacturer's drawing dated 10-28-92: for joints with skews from 5 to 50 degrees, modify one rail by welding a 13 mm x 38 mm (1/2" x 11/2") backer bar at locations shown on Mn/DOT Fig. 5-397.628. Backer bar lengths shall be 102 mm (4") for skews between 5 and 15 degrees, 127 mm (5") if greater than 15 but not exceeding 35 degrees and 165 mm (61/2") over 35 degrees. When plow fingers are required by the plan, modify both rails as detailed.