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Asphalt release agent

Asphalt Release Agent Approved Products
Product Manufacturer Truck Beds Other Equipment Dilution Rate* Approval Date
CT 6006 ChemTech, Inc. yes yes 16:1 08/14/13
Teclon-Pro TecTeam, Ind. yes yes 5:1 08/23/13
Black Magic BG Chemical yes yes full strength to 8:1 09/05/13
Green Guard BG Chemical yes yes 5:1 to 20:1 09/05/13
CT 6550 ChemTech, Inc. yes yes 5:1 05/06/14
8277 ChemStation International yes yes 4:1 07/03/14
Avalanche Meyer Laboratory, Inc. yes yes 5:1 to 20:1 09/19/14
Clear Release KT Chemicals yes yes full strength 04/08/15
Popcorn Buster KT Chemicals yes yes full strength 04/11/17

* Contact the supplier / manufacturer for specific guidance on use and dilution rate.