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MnDOT Policies

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Policy program

The Administrative Policy Program provides direction to MnDOT governance by engaging stakeholders in policy development, by referencing applicable laws and external direction, and by aligning with MnDOT’s strategic vision.

Policy development toolkit

Work underway

  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Copyright Protection
  • Cost Participation
  • Data Management
  • Public Engagement

Program services

  • Write, edit and publish administrative policies
  • Provide technical expertise on MnDOT policies
  • Provide analysis, document control and change control services
  • Research law, regulations and existing policies for currency and accuracy
  • Link policy with technical documentation when appropriate
  • Ensure that MnDOT policies are relevant and contemporary
  • Provide useful and usable policy documents and resources (web library)
  • Support Policy Owners, Governance Council, Division Directors, Deputy Commissioners
  • Educate and promote policy awareness
  • Maintain a standardized policy format and taxonomy
  • Maintain the policy repository and website