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Transportation Long-Range Funding Solutions

Minnesota Laws 2008, Chapter 287, Article 1, Section 118 directed the Commissioner of Transportation, in consultation with other state agencies and key stakeholders, to complete a study of transportation long-range solutions. Minnesota Laws 2009, Chapter 134, Section 8 amended the study requirements to include consideration of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Download Study of Transportation Long-Range Funding Solutions

Executive Summary (PDF 1.08 MB)
Complete Report (PDF 1.84 MB)


A- Acronyms (PDF 105 KB)
B- Potential Effects of Increasing Fuel Economy on Fuel Tax Revenue (PDF 109 KB)
C- Matrix of Revenue Options  (PDF 214 KB)
D- Statewide Highway Investment Plan Executive Summary  (PDF 4.07 MB)
E- Draft Greater Minnesota Transit Plan Executive Summary (PDF 315 KB)
F- Metropolitan Council Transportation Policy Plan Summary
(PDF 2.79 MB)


On June 24, 2009 MnDOT, in cooperation with the Metropolitan Council and Fresh Energy, sponsored a one-day symposium and invited some 200 persons representing a wide range of agency and stakeholder interests to participate. The symposium program included background presentations on needs, revenues and challenges by MnDOT, Met Council, and Cambridge Systematics. University of Minnesota faculty and staff from Fresh Energy also discussed challenges. The second part of the symposium was dedicated to stakeholder input. Contact Siri Simons for further details about the symposium proceedings.