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Advancing Transportation Equity Initiative

Advancing Transportation Equity Initiative

The Advancing Transportation Equity Initiative incorporates equity in transportation decision-making. It aims to improve access and opportunities for underserved communities in Minnesota. The initiative is rooted in community voices and feedback from the 2017 Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan (PDF). The plan identified reducing transportation disparities and incorporating equity into decision-making processes as high-priority needs. The 2022 Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan and our internal Strategic Plan include additional goals, strategies, and actions to advance transportation equity.

Our commitment to transportation equity

We are committed to creating an equitable transportation system. Learn more about our definition of transportation equity and our commitment to it.

Transportation equity key terms

Read our glossary of terms and statements that are further defined to clarify the meaning and intent behind the words we use to describe transportation equity.

Community conversations

A series of conversations between MnDOT staff and individuals and organizations who work with and represent underserved communities in Minnesota. The intent of these conversations is to learn directly from underserved communities about their unique experiences and challenges with transportation. We then document these findings so they can be used to inform the agency’s transportation funding, planning, and programming efforts.

Contracting and public engagement

An effort to explore ways to make MnDOT's contracting and engagement processes more accessible and inclusive. The intent of this effort is to contract with more community-based organizations and nonprofits to advance our engagement work.

Research projects

A collection of current and past research projects undertaken by MnDOT and partners for the purpose of advancing transportation equity.

Transportation equity labs

Transportation equity labs are capacity-building efforts to help MnDOT staff understand their role in advancing transportation equity. This is done through facilitated conversations with stakeholders on equity considerations of specific plans, projects, or programs.