Local Road Improvement Program

2023 LRIP Solicitation has now closed as of 12/08/2023.

LRIP provides funding assistance to local agencies for constructing or reconstructing local roads. For more information, please see the LRIP information sheet.

Safe Routes to School grants and funding

Programs and grants are funded through the state non-infrastructure program, federal and Safe Routes to School transition fund designated for Safe Routes to School by MnDOT. They are subject to change as funding changes occur each year

MnDOT bicycle and pedestrian grants

Funding opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian-related activities.

DOT Navigator

A new resource to help communities understand the best ways to apply for grants, and to plan for and deliver transformative infrastructure projects and services.

Search and apply for federal grants. is an E-Government initiative that operates under the governance of the Office of Management and Budget. This system provides a common website for federal agencies to post funding opportunities for grantees.

Tribal Funding Opportunities & Eligibility for Highway and Bridge Programs

Identifies formula based and discretionary programs available to the tribal nations. E-links are provided to each, along with footer website links to the USDOT. 

Tribal Grant Process

Describes tasks included in planning, applying, post grant administration, reporting and close outs. These tasks could be used to hire a consultant team to support any of the tribal nations’ efforts.    

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Tribal Playbook

This playbook has two specific goals and is organized in two parts: 1. Identify programs and sources of funds specifically set aside for Tribal communities under the law.  2. Provide a guide to Tribal eligibility for other programs under the law and identify specific benefits or flexibilities for Tribes and Tribal communities – like waivers for Federal matching requirements for Tribal Nations that apply for competitive funds or enhanced benefits under existing programs for members of Tribal Nations

Minnesota Office of Higher Learning Grants

We know that the cost of higher education is a barrier for many Minnesotans. The Fostering Independence Higher Education Grants is a financial aid program that seeks to eliminate that barrier for Minnesota students who were in the foster care system.

Minnesota Housing Funding Availability

The Community Homeownership Impact Fund (Impact Fund) provides funding for developers and administrators of single family, owner-occupied affordable housing activity throughout the state. Funding is accessed through a competitive Single Family Request for Proposals (RFP) process.