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Metro District Traffic Engineering


Key Contacts by Program Area

Position Name Phone Number
Director of Operations & Maintenance Brian Kary 651-234-7020
District Traffic Engineer Steve Misgen 651-234-7835
Data Collection    
Data Collection Supervisor Kevin Millage 651-234-7848
Design Build    
Engineer Michael Fairbanks 651-234-7819
Lighting Design & Operations Engineer Michael Gerbensky 651-234-7816
Lighting Design Project Manager Paul Babin 651-234-7873
Lighting Management Supervisor John Pedersen 651-234-7849
Agreements and Special Provisions Greg Kern 651-234-7877
Program Support    
Engineer Lars Impola 651-234-7820
North Area Manager Ashley Roup 651-234-7815
South Area Manager Almin Ramic 651-234-7824
East Area Manager Kaare Festvog 651-234-7814
West Area Manager Jason Junge 651-234-7875
Signal Design    
Engineer Michael Gerbensky 651-234-7816
Signal Design Project Manager Chris Bosak 651-234-7812
Signal Design Project Manager Gerg Kern 651-234-7877
Signal Design Project Manager Brian Vitek 651-234-7813
Agreements and Special Provisions Greg Kern 651-234-7877
Project Manager Corridor Assignments    
Signal Operations    
Engineer Michael Fairbanks 651-234-7819
Signal Operations Supervisor Marty Carlson 651-234-7826
Signal Operations Supervisor Curt Krohn 651-234-7827
Signal Optimization Engineer Derek Lehrke 651-234-7828
Signal Optimization Engineer Kevin Schwartz  651-234-7840
Signal Optimization Engineer Nicole Stromgren 651-234-7832
Signal Optimization Engineer John Fahrendorf 651-234-7838
After Hours (4 p.m. to 6 a.m.) & Weekends Email 651-234-7110
Engineer Eric Peterson 651-234-7830
North Metro Supervisor Mark Wagner 651-234-7810
South Metro Supervisor Ben Christensen 651-234-7811
West Metro Supervisor Luke Bourassa 651-234-7822
Work Zones & Pavement Marking    
Engineer Ron Rauchle 651-234-7821
East Metro Work Zones Supervisor Scott Meier 651-234-7870
West Metro Work Zones Supervisor Kevin Farraher 651-234-7871
Analysis and Pavement Marking Engineer Shuo Wang 651-234-7823