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Highway 3

Rosemount, Empire Township and Farmington

About this study

Highway 3 project area map from Rosemount to Farmington

Hwy 3 project area map.

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We are evaluating Hwy 3 between 160 St. in Rosemount and 2nd St. in Farmington to identify possible safety improvements for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. The evaluation will help us develop a plan to serve as guidance for the County, Cities, MnDOT, Metropolitan Council, landowners, and developers on desired changes to access and future access locations on Hwy 3. This can be achieved by seeking public feedback that will take into consideration how the highway works in the regional road network, the planned growth of the community, and the need for an adequate supporting road network to support development.

Summary of work

  • Engage, inform, gather input, propose and establish ongoing project coordination meetings with all stakeholders including, local residents, businesses, commuters as well as State, Federal, Regional and Local agencies.