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Highway 252/I-94 Environmental Review

Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis

Public Meetings


Additional meetings are being planned for this spring. Details on upcoming meetings will be provided as they become available.

Past Meetings and Materials


Open houses
  • Dec. 13: Open House #3
  • Dec. 12: Open House #2
  • Dec. 11: Open House #1
Informational materials from the open houses
Community workshops

Two community workshops were held in late May 2018 to update residents, businesses and commuters about the rebooted study to gather ideas to reduce congestion and improve safety and reliability on Hwy 252 between Hwy 610 in Brooklyn Park and I-694 in Brooklyn Center and on I-94 from I-694 in Brooklyn Center to downtown Minneapolis. Possible solutions will be evaluated in an environmental process and then will move forward into preliminary design.

Attendees heard about previous studies and the current project, explored possible solutions and shared thoughts, ideas and concerns for this corridor. The same information was shared at each workshop.

  • May 30: Brooklyn Park Community Workshop
  • May 31: Brooklyn Center Community Workshop
Informational materials from the Workshop


Open Houses

MnDOT, Hennepin County and the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park are studying various access layouts to improve safety and mobility along Hwy 252 between Hwy 610 and I-694. Additional goals of the project include providing community connectivity, pedestrian accommodations, access to transit services, and maintaining existing infrastructure investments.

Two open houses were held in early September to provide information about the corridor issues and needs along with the purpose of the study. The meetings were well-attended by local residents, commuters and businesses. The project team also asked open house attendees to provide input on the study for the proposed project.

  • Sept. 7: Brooklyn Center Open House
  • Sept. 6: Brooklyn Park Open House
Informational materials from the Open House:

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