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Report a pothole or graffiti

In Twin Cities Metro area

About reporting a pothole or graffiti

MnDOT only maintains state highways and interstates. Before reporting a pothole, check our Twin Cities metro area highway map (PDF, 535 KB) to make sure the pothole or graffiti is on a state highway or interstate.

Examples of interstate and state highway markers
I-94 highway sheild, Minnesota State highway shield and US hwy shield

Report pothole or graffiti

On state highways in Twin Cities Metro area only.

Report potholes or graffiti on state highways OUTSIDE of the Twin Cities area to your local MnDOT district maintenance representative.

Basic information

Pothole (state highway only -- I-94, Hwy 36, etc.)

For potholes or graffiti NOT on a state highway, contact the city or county where the pothole or graffiti is located.

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