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Smoothness Program
Improving ride and extending performance life via smoother pavements

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2014 Inertial Profiler Certification Program

Dates: April 28-30; May 1, 5-8

Location: MnROAD Research Facility


Inception: MnDOT began its profiler certification program in 2002.




Inertial Profiler Certification Procedures: 2014 MnDOT Inertial Profiler Certification Program


Operator Certification: Any profiling conducted on a MnDOT Pavement Surface Smoothness Specification project must be performed by a certified Inertial Profiler operator. In order to become a certified operator, one must successfully complete an online training course and examination. The certification course and exam are free of charge.


Equipment Certification: All inertial profilers used on MnDOT projects must be certified prior to official data collection. Certification is held each spring at the MnROAD Research Facility in Albertville, MN.


Settings for Passing Inertial Profilers: