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Foundations Scoping

When you should coordinate with us for scoping purposes

If your project has any one of the following listed below, please contact Brad Skow (Brad.Skow@state.mn.us or 651-366-5507) for more information.

  • Bridges
    • New Bridge
    • Bridge Replacement
    • Temporary Bridges
    • Bridge Rehab and Historic Bridges
      • If you anticipate foundations work / involvement
  • Box Culverts
    • All box culverts with current or future bridge numbers
    • Box culvert extensions
    • Any culvert installed in a very deep trench
    • Any culvert installed in poor soils
  • Retaining Walls and Reinforced Slopes
    • Standard Concrete Cantilever Walls
    • Noise Walls
    • Modular Block Walls (>4 ft. in height)
    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls
    • Sheet Pile Walls
    • Visual Barriers
    • Soil Nail Walls
    • Soldier Pile Walls
    • Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) (1:1)
  • High Tension Cable Barrier (HTCB)
  • Overhead Sign Structures
  • High Mast Light Towers
  • Signal Systems with long (>45 ft.) mast arms
  • Embankments/roadways over poor soils
    • Coordination with District soils engineer to help identify areas with known poor soils or poor geologic conditions
  • Pavement or Slope Distress
    • Slope Failures
    • Landslides
    • Sloughing
    • Roadway Distress
    • Bumps/dips in roadway
  • Anything else that you anticipate needing foundations work / involvement