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Interactive Geodetic Monument Viewer

View, save and print information about MnDOT Geodetic Monuments

Geodetic Monument Viewer

Basic navigation

Navigate to locations using zoom buttons in the upper left corner (or, if you are a mouse user, the mouse wheel). Mouse users may also hold the left button to pan the map.

Zoom directly to locations by using the search bar at the top of the map.  Use the dropdown for more search options.

Many layers are scale-dependent and will not appear until the map is zoomed to a specific scale.  Zoom in to display the default geodetic monument layer.

Display geodetic monument datasheets

Display geodetic monument datasheets by first clicking on a geodetic monument symbol, using the arrow at the top of the popup window to scroll between multiple information boxes if necessary, and finally clicking on the Get Datasheet link at the bottom of the information box. Depending on the browser you are using, a simple left click may work. If not, try a right click and choose "Open link in new tab." This option should either open the datasheet directly in a new browser tab, or may present the pdf datasheet file and require another open command.

Display geodetic monuments by different datums/adjustments by choosing the relevant layer under the Layer List tool found on the tool bar at the bottom of the map.

Expand the Reference Layers grouping under the Layer List tool for access to many additional layers.

This map service should be compatible on most browsers and mobile devices.

GIS layers

Geodetic layers

MnDOT Geodetic Control – All
  • Geodetic Stations (NAD 83/NAVD88)
  • CORS Stations
  • Not Found
  • Destroyed
MnDOT Geodetic Control by Datum/Adjustment
  • NAD 83 2011
  • NAD 83 2007
  • NAD 83 1996
  • NAD 83 1986
  • NAD 27
  • NAVD 88
  • NGVD 29

Basemap layers

Reference Layers
  • Bridges
  • Reference Posts
  • Airports
  • Rest Areas
  • Control Sections
  • Street names
  • Interstates
  • US Hwys
  • State Hwys
  • County Hwys
  • Municipal Roads
  • Other Roads
  • Tribal Boundaries
  • MnDOT Districts
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • 24K Quad Index
  • 100K Quad Index
  • Townships – Congressional
  • Townships – Civil
  • Public Land Survey
  • Neighboring Jurisdictions