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State Junkyard Control Program

Guidance for junkyard control along Minnesota highways

What is the State Junkyard Control Program?

In 1965 Congress enacted regulations to control junkyards in areas adjacent to federal and primary system highways. In 1971 the state Legislature passed Minnesota Statute 161.242 that established state guidelines for the control of certain junkyards along major state (trunk) highways.

What agency enforces Minnesota Statute 161.242?

State law directs the Commissioner of Transportation to enforce the 1971 State Junkyard Act (Minnesota Statute 161.242).

What is a junkyard?

Minnesota law defines a junkyard as an automobile graveyard or other place where junk or discarded materials equal to five or more motor vehicles is located within one-half mile of a trunk highway and is visible from a trunk highway. See Minnesota law junkyard classification.