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Next Steps for Work Zone Challenges

Project Description

To utilize low cost, high benefit technology solutions, it is important to link the appropriate technology with a project, secure funding early in project scoping, and acquire full support by the Project Stakeholders for ITS or Intelligent  Work Zone (IWZ) implementation.  This project will identify key projects to demonstrate ITS/IWZ technology deployments in order to establish a sustainable approach to address the top work zone challenges.

Project Benefits

  • Establish and institutionalize a process to identify ITS/IWZ options to address work zone challenges during project scoping.  In doing so, this may result in earlier project identification, technology selection, and justification to fund ITS/IWZ technologies.  Establishing a process can be accomplished by integrating identification and implementation of ITS/IWZ into the project scoping so that proper planning and funding can be secured for ITS/IWZ prior to STIP approval.
  • Develop a sustainable process for annual project selection, standardized procurement packages, ITS/IWZ designs, performance metrics, etc. for ease of future ITS/IWZ deployments that address the top four work zone challenges identified above.  All four of these top work zone challenges are in need of solutions which enhance safety, mobility, efficiency and productivity in Minnesota. It is anticipated that this project will result in providing 3-4 easy to deploy systems and an institutionalized process to address these top four work zone challenges.

Project Documents