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Bridge L8849

Bridge L8849

Bridge L8849
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History & significance

Bridge L8849 is a reinforced-concrete slab with masonry facing that carries Forest Avenue over the Chippewa River at the east entrance of Lagoon Park in Montevideo, Minnesota. Bridge L8849 was designed by Montevideo City Engineer M.E. Chamberlin and built in 1938 by the Works Progress Administration. Bridge L8849 is one of two nearly identical Chippewa River crossings that were built by the WPA as part of an extensive improvement of Lagoon Park in Montevideo. The other bridge constructed as part of this project is Bridge L8850. Bridge L8849 is significant for aesthetics as one of Minnesota's best examples of a rustic ornamental park bridge built in the WPA Rustic style.


City of Montevideo (Chippewa County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.95108046, -95.72715104

Bridge features

Bridge L8849

Overall Rustic style aesthetics, including randomly-coursed stone veneer, masonry stringcourse along the base of the approach railings, and the keystones.

Bridge L8849
Constructed by the WPA as part of the Lagoon Park federal-relief construction effort in Montevideo during the Great Depression.