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Mendota Road Bridge (Bridge 90401)

Mendota Road Bridge (Bridge 90401)

Mendota Road Bridge
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History & significance

Bridge 90401 is a single-span, filled-spandrel, mortared limestone arch bridge constructed in 1894. It carried a roadway from its time of construction until 2015 and now carries a pedestrian trail/ path over an outlet of Pickerel Lake in Saint Paul. The abutments, wingwalls, and spandrel walls are comprised of mortared gray limestone.  The railing is also mortared limestone blocks and has concrete trim.  Bridge 90401 is significant as a rare example of a small-scale, nineteenth-century, stone-arch highway bridge.


City of Saint Paul (Ramsey County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.92487549, -93.11175994

Bridge features

Mendota Road Bridge

Design and construction of a small-scale, coursed-rubble, gray limestone arch bridge.

Mendota Road Bridge
Overall ornamental design aesthetic executed in stone. The bridge uses a coursed-rubble, gray limestone, the locally available stone during its period of construction, for ornamental flourishes such as the prominent coping and arch ring and railings that form an apex at the crown of the arch.