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Bridge 7614

Bridge 7614

Bridge 7614
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History & significance

Bridge 7614 is a bolted multi-plate arch bridge constructed in 1938 to carry County Road 17, also known as Mile Creek Road, over Grand Portage Creek in northeastern Cook County. The corrugated-metal arch is comprised of bolted segments, anchored in place by concrete abutment walls. The interior of the arch features a stamp reading “Multi Plate.” The bridge also has a masonry veneer.

Bridge 7614 was designed and constructed by residents of the village of Grand Portage who were enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps Indian Division, and the structure is significant for its association with this Depression-era program. Bridge 7614 is also significant as an example of a multi-plate arch bridge, a unique bridge type, and is a contributing resource of the Grand Portage National Monument Historic District.


City of Grand Portage (Cook County)
Latitude, Longitude: 47.96359642, -89.68360831

Bridge features

Bridge 7614

Design and construction of a multi-plate arch.

Bridge 7614
Overall design aesthetic including the use of
limestone masonry veneer on the parapet railings, bridge faces, curved limestone wingwalls, abutments, and arch ring.
Bridge 7614

Location within the Grand Portage National
Monument Historic District.