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Camp Ripley Bridge (Bridge 4969)

Camp Ripley Bridge (Bridge 4969)

Camp Ripley Bridge
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History & significance

The Camp Ripley Bridge was built in 1930 to carry State Highway 115 and the Northern Pacific Railroad over the Mississippi River at the edge of Camp Ripley in Morrison County. Supported on four girder lines, the bridge is a five-span, steel plate-girder. The structure has reinforced-concrete abutments with wingwalls and four reinforced-concrete wall river piers. Although it is largely a utilitarian structure, it has an ornamental metal railing. The bridge is significant for its association with the founding and history of Camp Ripley and its unusual engineering solution to a bi-modal transportation problem by combining a railroad bridge with a vehicular bridge in a single structure.


Green Prairie Township (Morrison County)
Latitude, Longitude: 46.07440950, -94.33485836

Bridge features

Camp Ripley Bridge

Two center girders support the single railroad track; two outboard girders support the roadway at the same level as the top of the rails.

Camp Ripley Bridge
Ornamental metal railing.