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Intercity Bridge (Bridge 3575)

Intercity Bridge (Bridge 3575)

Intercity Bridge
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History & significance

The Intercity Bridge is one of the largest reinforced-concrete bridges ever built in Minnesota. The bridge was constructed in 1927 and consists of five open-spandrel, two-rib, continuous-arch main spans and six deck girder approach spans. It was designed by Saint Paul bridge engineer Martin Sigvart Grytbak as an intercity bridge carrying the Ford Parkway over the Mississippi River to connect Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The bridge is significant as a representative example of Grytbak’s work and for its type as a reinforced-concrete arch bridge in Minnesota.


City of Saint Paul (Ramsey County)
Latitude, Longitude: 44.91786548, -93.20094705

Bridge features

Intercity Bridge

Design and construction of a monumental
reinforced-concrete, open-spandrel, two-rib, continuous-arch bridge.

Intercity Bridge
Intercity location, connecting the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.