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Highway sponsorship

About highway sponsorship

Public-private partnerships to enhance highway roadsides for improved aesthetics and environmental sustainability

Businesses, civic organizations and individuals may can now partner directly with MnDOT to expand the scenic beauty, attractiveness and environmental sustainability of Interstates, U.S. and Minnesota highway roadsides. Authorized by Minnesota Statute Section ยง 160.801, MnDOT’s highway sponsorship program works with businesses, civic organizations and individuals to assist with the improvement and maintenance of real property comprising the trunk highway system to install and maintain landscaping, create pollinator habitat, perform enhanced maintenance or pick up litter along highway roadsides.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for underwriting the full cost of the project, including the cost of landscaping design, purchase of plant material, installation and on-going maintenance activities. Highway Sponsorship Licenses are typically 2-5 years in duration, or up to 10 years. Sponsored projects may be eligible for a roadside Sponsor Acknowledgement Sign displaying the name or logo of (1) partner organization. Sponsor acknowledgment signs are not available in all locations.

The sponsoring organization is required to hold $2,000,000 in general liability insurance. Additional coverages for workers' compensation and automobile liability may apply depending on the project.