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Grant basics

A grant is an agreement between a recipient or a pass-through entity and a subrecipient when the principal purpose of the relationship is to transfer cash or something of value to the subrecipient who will administer a public program or deliver a public service. A grant includes competitive, legislatively mandated, formula, single and sole source, and capital grants.

How to receive a grant

Each grant awarded or administered by MnDOT will have unique requirements, specific to its program and purpose. To learn the specific requirements of the different type of grant opportunities offered by or through MnDOT, view the MnDOT Grant Management Policy.

Grant life cycle

  • Phase 1:  Grant Fund Application Requirements
  • Phase 2:  Pre-award
  • Phase 3:  Post-award
  • Phase 4:  Closeout

Grant funding types

  • Federal funded grants (only)
  • State funded grants (only)
  • Grants funded with a combination of state and federal funds (may have other funding as well)
  • Other - not specific to Funding Types 1-3 above, but qualify as grant funds (e.g. grants funded by private foundations)