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TED Project—Murray County

Schmitz Grain Hwy. 30 Right Turn Lane

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Project Description
Murray County requested $105,000 for a $220,000 project (47%) to construct a right turn lane for the entrance to Schmitz Grain.

Transportation Impacts
Schmitz Grain is located on Hwy 30 just outside of Slayton. For a rural roadway, the highway does see relatively steady traffic, with an Annual Average Daily Traffic in 2011 of 2,800 and Heavy Commercial Annual Average Daily Traffic at 280. Modest traffic increases are expected in 2013. Schmitz expects 25 trucks a day during off-peak times and 45 trucks a day during busier times (4 month period). One testimonial from the application was from a local firefighter who commented that there have been a number of accidents in the area.



Economic Development Impacts
Schmitz is one of the larger private employers in the area at three locations with 45-50 employees. The new fertilizer/chemical/seed facility will be constructed in 2013-2014. Estimated job growth would be 6 jobs. Average wages would be $35,000. Estimated value of the development would be $1,500,000 and would generate annual taxes of $34,545.