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TED Project—Benton County

Hwy 10 and County Rd. 3 Interchange

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Funding Package

The total project costs for the Hwy 10 and County Rd. 3 interchange is $4,890,000.  TED funds from MnDOT and DEED contributed $2,934,000 to this project, while Alpha Delta, a private developer, contributed $608,000 and the Benton County contributed $1,348,000.


Project Description
This TED project will improve an interchange at Hwy 10 and County Rd. 3 in the City of Sauk Rapids.  The existing diamond interchange will be reconfigured to a partial clover, which will convert the entrance ramp to north-westbound Hwy 10 to a loop configuration.  In addition, the existing two lane bridge, on County Rd. 3, will be extended to three lanes with roundabout intersections on both ends.

Transportation Impacts
This project will address roadway capacity, traffic operations, and safety concerns for truckers and tourists by eliminating closely spaced intersections and reducing long queues that formed to get on and off Hwy 10.


Economic Development Impacts
This corridor serves two industrial parks located on either side Hwy 10, which provide over 1,000 jobs.  The improvement will promote economic development by enhancing traffic flow around existing businesses and promoting new business to the area, such as AEMSCO, an out-of-state agriculture equipment manufacturer looking to relocate to Benton