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Diversity and Inclusion

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Training and development

Diversity and Inclusion cultural competency training and professional development are essential elements in today's diverse and global workplace, particularly at MnDOT.

MnDOT employees benefit from diverse perspectives. Developing and fostering an inclusive culture isn’t difficult, however — it takes training and commitment to the process. Below is the Diversity and Inclusion series offered by the Diversity and Inclusion unit of MnDOT's Equity office.

Stages of the model of cultural sensitivity: from a monocultural to a multicultural mindset. The stages are denial,  polarization, minimization, acceptance and finally adaptation.

Stages of the model of cultural sensitivity: from a monocultural to a multicultural mindset, as outlined in The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) created by Milton Bennett.

Respectful Workplace series

The purpose of the Respectful Workplace training series is to ensure that employees understand MnDOT’s expectations for a respectful workplace, identify ways to contribute to a respectful work environment and develop the skills to manage respect and inclusion at work. Participants will also review and reinforce the importance of providing a workplace free from violence, discrimination, harassment and other disrespectful behaviors.

Cultural Competency Skill Building and Development Series

The Cultural Competency Skill Building and development Series will assist employees with increasing their skills and abilities to effectively work in a diverse group—where all can demonstrate an understanding of how differences matter and where every employee feels valued and contributes their best.

This series is designed to help employees expand the individual cultural competency skills necessary for effectively working in diverse environments, understand how unconscious bias directly impacts the workplace, and identify effective strategies to create an inclusive work environment. This series is currently being offered to managers, supervisors, and hiring professionals.

Additional D&I services

Tailored trainings and other D&I services are provided on request.