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Infiltration basins

What they do

Stormwater infiltration practices capture and temporarily store stormwater before allowing it to infiltrate into the soil. As the stormwater penetrates the underlying soil, chemical, biological and physical processes remove pollutants and delay peak stormwater flows.

Infiltration practices are applicable to sites with naturally permeable soils and a suitable distance to the seasonally high groundwater table, bedrock or other impermeable layer. They may be used in residential and other urban settings where elevated runoff volumes, pollutant loads, and runoff temperatures are a concern. For more information visit The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


  • Reduce stormwater pollutants
  • Increase groundwater recharge
  • Decrease runoff peak flow rates
  • Decrease the volume of stormwater runoff
  • Preserve base flow in streams
  • Reduce thermal impacts of runoff