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Hwy 212 & Hwy 22

Glencoe Transportation Study

Purpose of study

Map of transportation study area
Transportation study area. Click to enlarge.

Complete a transportation study that reflects the current and future transportation systems needs for the Glencoe area, develop a set of recommendations and review the local road network.

Study goals

  • Improve the safety of intersections along Highway 212 and Highway 22
  • Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists along Highway 212 and Highway 22
  • Develop a plan that outlines appropriate access along Highway 212 and Highway 22
  • Study the current route of Highway 22

Study partners

  • MnDOT District 8
  • City of Glencoe
  • McLeod County


Promise to the public

MnDOT, the city of Glencoe and McLeod County will work with the greater Glencoe community to ensure that the community's concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives developed as part of the Glencoe Transportation Study and to provide feedback on how the community influenced recommendations and decisions.

Community feedback

As part of the Glencoe Transportation Study, partners made a promise to the public (above). We asked about what critical issues you experience on Highways 212 and 22. We also asked about the current route of Highway 22 through Glencoe. Thanks for giving us your feedback. The full community engagement summary provides great information on what we've heard so far and our next steps to take your feedback, along with the technical information that we've gathered, and provide recommendations for improvements. Your feedback continues to be an integral part of the study process.

image of who gave feedback as part of transportation study
Community feedback. Click to enlarge.











Highway 22 route discussion

As part of the Glencoe Transportation study the current route Highway 22 takes through Glencoe is being reviewed. Throughout our engagement we have collected various ideas for the community on options for Highway 22 routes. Below are those ideas with items to consider. Our next step is to review the options submitted by the community with our technical staff and partners. We will analyze the feasibility and safety of these routes while balancing the needs for everyone (residents, commuters, businesses and shippers). In the next couple of months we will come back to you, the community, with recommendations for your feedback. To view all route ideas check out the full community engagement summary or click on the community feedback tab at the top of the page.