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I-94 Improvements

Rogers to St. Michael

Work underway

Location map - click for current traffic flowTraffic Impacts

Prepare work area for construction

  • Periodic lane and shoulder closures at non-rush hours
    (usually nightime)

Beginning early April

Both directions - Four lanes of traffic switched to eastbound side while westbound is constructed

  • Slow or stopped traffic during rush hours
  • Narrow lanes and crossovers
  • Temporary ramps at interchanges with sharper turns and narrower lanes
  • Reduced speed limits
    • Slow down and pay attention to signs
    • Speeding fines $300
  • Periodic lane closures at non-rush hours

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Related projects

  • Resurface eastbound I-94 from CR 75 in Monticello to Hwy 241 in St. Michael, April - May 2015
  • Resurface and reconstruct Hwy 25, south of I-94, in Monticello, April-Sept 2015

About this project

I-94 Improvements Rogers to St. Michael

Summary of work

Install capacity improvements between Hwy 101 in Rogers and Hwy 241 in St. Michael. Newsline article

Eastbound I-94

  • Build an auxiliary lane from Hwy 241 to Hwy 101

Westbound I-94

  • Extend the Hwy 101 exit ramp at Rogers
  • Install a third lane from Rogers to St. Michael
  • Construct a noise barrier on the north side of the interstate in Rogers

Crow River bridges

  • Widen bridges, includes new support girders and deck surfaces

Photo of workzone - Sept. 2014
Looking southeast at I-94 towards Rogers. By JP Gillach


  • Add capacity and improve traffic flow
  • Alleviate congestion and rush hour backups on a heavily used freight and commuter route
  • Reduce congestion on secondary routesĀ 


Schedules are tentative and subject to change by contractors