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Hwy 11 Corridor Assessment

Greenbush to Roosevelt, Roseau County

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Area 0: Hwy 11 in Greenbush

Project Area: City of Greenbush
Limits: Highway 11 between Highway 32 and County Road 4/210th Street
Primary Improvement: Consolidate access
Number of Alternatives: 1
Problem Alternative is Addressing: High concentration of access north of Highway 11 and Highway 32 intersection.

Option A: Consolidate access north of Hwy 32

- Construct new driveways on the west side of Highway 11 to consolidate access to one point and close two existing driveways.
- Close driveway north of liquor store and consolidate access to existing driveway north of gas station.
Estimated Construction Costs: $50,000-$100,000
Right of Way Needs:  Right of way will be needed from two parcels in order to create the shared access point on the west/north side of the corridor.
Environmental Concerns: Potential for contamination near gas station.
Risks: Contamination
Benefits: Improve safety:
- Consolidate access to reduce conflict points

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Area 0, Option A (PDF)