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5th Avenue West Bridge study

St. Louis County

About this project

A rendering of the 5th Avenue West Bridge study area.

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Summary of work

The goal of this study is to jump start the MnDOT scoping process for a future bridge project on the 5th Avenue West Bridge over I-35. It will start the public engagement process by identifying users and stakeholders within the project area and gathering initial viewpoints on the functionality and shortcomings of the current structure. This study will then identify several possible alternatives based on stakeholder/public input and preliminary engineering and traffic modeling/analysis.

Concepts survey

In January-February of 2022, we asked the public to tell us what concerns they found with the 5th Avenue West Bridge in Duluth. From those comments, we prepared four concepts to study. Other options at the bridge are also being studied. MnDOT is not leaning toward any specific concept at this time; these four are simply concepts the public expressed interest in. Take a few minutes to look through the concepts here. Please reach out with any questions or comments.

Public meeting

We hosted a public meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, to discuss possible alternatives for the 5th Avenue West bridge in Duluth. The options came from a survey the public was asked to participate in earlier this year. Results of that survey can be viewed here.

For those unable to attend the public meeting, please take some time to review a recording of the materials presented.

Traffic impacts

Unknown at this time.