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Register today for FREE oversize/overweight permit training

MnDOT is offering a FREE learning opportunity to show you ways to save valuable time when applying for your OS/OW transportation permits. 

See training schedule for dates and more information. Some of the topics include how to:

  • Choose and obtain the proper OS/OW permit
  • Use our online permitting system
  • Manage your online account profile
  • Store vehicle information and access previous permits
  • Get trip approval under an annual permit
  • Properly enter vehicle axle configurations
  • Use our routing system

This no-cost training will be held at various locations throughout Minnesota in March and April. Class size is limited and registration is required so don't miss out, register today!

MnDOT makes change to Annual Permit Trip Logging requirement

Effective September 19th, 2016, trips made under a MnDOT annual permit will no longer require a route pre-approval through MnDOT's permitting system whenever the loaded vehicle does not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 11'0" Wide;
  • 14'6" High; or
  • 110'0" Long.

During this one-year trial period, MnDOT strongly encourages using its permit routing system to verify all routes, but it is no longer a requirement when loaded dimensions are within those listed above.

Loads exceeding the dimensions listed above, and overweight loads, are still required to obtain route pre-approval from MnDOT.

For complete details about this requirement change, see memo.

Check out the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report on Multi-State, Multimodal, Oversize/Overweight Transportation

The Transportation Research Board’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 830: Multi-State, Multimodal, Oversize/Overweight Transportation is a compilation of existing permitting requirements for the transportation of oversize/overweight (OSOW) freight throughout the United States. It identifies and presents information about state-by-state differences in OSOW road transportation regulations and permitting practices, and the challenges these differences may pose for carriers. It discusses factors affecting modal competitiveness in OSOW transportation as well as opportunities for improved modal access.

The report also discusses ongoing and potential opportunities to improve information and procedural applications, covering the permitting process and the need for improved communication and coordination. For more information, download report.


Important regulations for parking at Minnesota's rest areas

Commercial vehicles cannot stop and park continuously in any of Minnesota’s MnDOT rest areas for a period longer than 10 hours, according to Minnesota Statutes 160.2721.

During inclement weather, the 10 hour restriction may be waived if a commercial vehicle must shut down due to the hazardous weather. Travel must resume when the weather event passes or at the direction of law enforcement. If you need to park at a rest area longer than the 10 hour limit for this or any other safety concern, please contact the rest area custodian and explain the situation to them so they are aware.

Please note that vehicles that park longer than 10 hours for reasons other than hazardous weather or safety concerns, may be subject to penalty. Also note that MnDOT rest areas cannot be used as staging areas or to drop trailers over long periods of time.

When parking at a rest area, please park vehicles in a manner that safely preserves the most number of truck parking stalls for others.

Check out the new Minnesota weigh station video

Weigh stations are an important part of Minnesota’s truck size and weight enforcement efforts. They play a key role in protecting the state’s roadway infrastructure and protecting motorists from unsafe vehicles and unqualified drivers.

Check out this new video to learn more and get an inside look at the operations of a Minnesota weigh station.

Check out the 2017 Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations book

OFCVO has finished the annual updates to the Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations book. This book assists motor carriers and drivers in navigating the requirements to legally operate in Minnesota.

Take a look at this helpful handbook.

DVS publishes new Temporary Registration Weight Increase Permits webpage

The Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety recently published a new webpage for commercial vehicle operators who need to temporarily increase their vehicle’s registered weight above 80,000 pounds. For more information, take a look at their new webpage.

National Transportation Safety Board issues safety alert on oversize loads on bridges

The NTSB has issued a safety alert on the impact of oversize loads on the Nation's bridges. Read the alert here.

Changes to route survey form and requirements

The Physical Route Survey form gets a new name and look, as well as changes to its requirements. It has been replaced with the new Pre-Trip Route Survey which is an online fillable form that will make the process easier and more efficient for carriers to submit the form. Carriers can now fill out the form online and submit it with the click of a button.

Important changes have also been made to the requirements of a Pre-Trip Route Survey:

  • Required when oversized load exceeds 16’0” High  (previously required when exceeding 15’6”H)
  • Required when oversized load exceeds 20’0” Wide
  • May be requested for excessive length (case by case)

Additional information and requirements of the process are listed at the beginning of the new form.

Please begin using the new and improved Pre-Trip Route Survey form.

Check out our trip logging guide

Do you use MnDOT's online Oversize/Overweight permitting system? If so, our trip logging guide offers instructions and tips that will help you log your trips into MnDOT's online permitting system. We will be posting additional trip logging tutorials to this site soon!

Annual Permit route approval

For assistance with logging your trip, please call 651-296-6000 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WINNDOT — a cross-border permitting partnership

You can order Minnesota and Wisconsin permits with just one application. Please use the new WINNDOT portal.

Pilot escort drivers must be certified

All pilot car drivers who escort oversized loads in Minnesota are required to be certified by the Minnesota State Patrol. For information on training and certification reciprocity, please visit https://www.hennepintech.edu/cts/pages/1233.

I90 / I94 Northwest Passage Corridor Traveler Information

Now you can view up-to-date load restrictions, rest areas, weather conditions and other information along I-90 / I-94, known as the Northwest Passage corridor. Check out the new site.