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Red semi-truck features a yellow 'Oversize Load' sign over the grille.

News and Notices

New oversize travel restrictions this summer

MnDOT has eased the summer weekend travel restrictions for oversize loads this year. From June 2, 2017 thru August 27, 2017, oversize travel is not allowed between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays.

Additional holiday travel restrictions apply for Independence Day weekend. See Holiday Schedule.

Attend the MASSTO-SCOHT Fall Conference in Kansas City, MO

Register now to attend the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials, Subcommittee on Highway Transport (MAASTO-SCOHT) Fall Conference taking place September 25 - 27, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri.

This conference is a great opportunity to bring members and regulatory officials together to promote uniformity in regulatory policy. Plan to attend and share your input!

Visit MAASTO's website for agenda, hotel, and registration information.


The new stretch of Highway 610 has now been added as a routing option in MnDOT's Online Oversize/Overweight Permitting System.

MnDOT makes change to annual permit trip logging requirement

From September 19, 2016 to September 19, 2017, trips made under a MnDOT annual permit no longer require a route pre-approval through MnDOT's permitting system whenever the loaded vehicle does not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 11'0" Wide;
  • 14'6" High; or
  • 110'0" Long.

During this one-year trial period, MnDOT strongly encourages using its permit routing system to verify all routes, but it is no longer a requirement when loaded dimensions are within those listed above.
Loads exceeding the dimensions listed above, and overweight loads, are still required to obtain route pre-approval from MnDOT.
For complete details about this requirement change, see memo.

New bridge resource tools now available

The MnDOT Oversize/Overweight permits Section in collaboration with the MnDOT Bridge Office has released the Bridge Vertical Clearance Report for public reference which lists structures on the Interstate and Minnesota State Highway system that are owned or inspected by MnDOT. This report identifies the maximum vertical clearance of the highway under the bridge, which is the maximum height you can obtain permits for. The report also includes detailed information about each overpass and its location.

The Bridge Locator tool is another resource available for you to use. It will help you locate specific bridge locations on an online map.

The 2017 Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations book is here

OFCVO has finished the annual updates to the Minnesota Commercial Truck and Passenger Regulations book. This book assists motor carriers and drivers in navigating the requirements to legally operate in Minnesota. Take a look at this helpful handbook.

Learn about Minnesota weigh stations

Weigh stations are an important part of Minnesota’s truck size and weight enforcement efforts. They play a key role in protecting the state’s roadway infrastructure and protecting motorists from unsafe vehicles and unqualified drivers.

Watch the video to learn more and get an inside look at the operations of a Minnesota weigh station.

WINNDOT — a cross-border permitting partnership

You can order Minnesota and Wisconsin permits with just one application. Please use the new WINNDOT portal.

Pilot escort drivers must be certified

All pilot car drivers who escort oversized loads in Minnesota are required to be certified by the Minnesota State Patrol. For information on training and certification reciprocity, please visit https://www.hennepintech.edu/cts/pages/1233.

I90 / I94 Northwest Passage Corridor Traveler Information

Now you can view up-to-date load restrictions, rest areas, weather conditions and other information along I-90 / I-94, known as the Northwest Passage corridor. Check out their site.