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Emergency Executive Order 18-05 issued

Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, issued Emergency Executive Order 18-05 to exempt vehicles servicing septic systems from the spring load restrictions, when responding to emergency situations (i.e. frozen septic tanks).

The order is currently in effect and will remain in effect until June 1, 2018.
For full details, please see EEO 18-05.

Spring Load Restrictions

Winter Load Increases have ended and Spring Load Restrictions are in place in all Minnesota frost zones. 

For more information see www.mndot.gov/loadlimits.

New Road Construction Materials permit now available

See Minnesota Statute 169.869 for more details.

MnDOT makes change to annual permit trip logging requirement permanent

Trips made under a MnDOT annual permit no longer require a route pre-approval through MnDOT's permitting system whenever the loaded vehicle does not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 11'0" Wide;
  • 14'6" High; or
  • 110'0" Long.

MnDOT strongly encourages using its permit routing system to verify all routes, but it is no longer a requirement when loaded dimensions are within those listed above.
Loads exceeding the dimensions listed above, and overweight loads, are still required to obtain route pre-approval from MnDOT.
For complete details about this permanent requirement change, see memo.

Pilot escort drivers must be certified

All pilot car drivers who escort oversized loads in Minnesota are required to be certified by the Minnesota State Patrol. For information on training and certification reciprocity, please visit https://www.hennepintech.edu/cts/pages/1233.