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Corridors of Commerce

Fostering economic growth with transportation investments

About the program

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature created the Corridors of Commerce program, Minnesota Statute 161.088. Authorizing the sale of up to $300 million in new trunk highway bonds for the construction, reconstruction and improvement of trunk highways for projects not already in the State Transportation Improvement program (STIP). This was to further two major goals:

  • Provide additional highway capacity on segments where there are currently bottlenecks in the system.
  • Improve the movement of freight and reduce barriers to commerce.

In 2014, the Legislature provided an additional $31.5 million in trunk highway funds for FY 2014 and FY 2015. In 2017, the Legislature added $300 million in trunk highway bonds spread over four years and $25 million per year in cash. In response, MnDOT decided to select $400 million of projects for the 2018 Corridors of Commerce.

Currently, there is no additional funding for the Corridors of Commerce program. The Corridors of Commerce program is dependent on legislative funding and for the time being solicitations are not in session. Recognizing that transportation investments directly and indirectly foster economic growth through the provisioning of construction jobs, enabling goods to be transported through a commerce friendly network of corridors and providing mobility to citizens; MnDOT is committed to investing in our roads and bridges that contribute to a growing economy and will continue supporting commerce.