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Construction and Innovative Contracting


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Mission Statement


The Office of Construction and Innovative Contracting provides leadership, expertise, innovation, and education to Mn/DOT's construction community through guidance, governance, research, and training so that safety and quality are maintained and policies and procedures are consistently followed, and service and efficiency improved.




wakota bridge

Construction on the new Wakota Bridge.

The Office of Construction and Innovative Contracting (OCIC) is involved in all phases of construction contracts.


OCIC is divided into sections that:


OCIC maintains liaison with Mn/DOT Districts, other Mn/DOT Divisions, State and Federal agencies, legislators, counties and municipalities, contractors, citizens and the Resident Offices.


Resident Offices

In general, a Resident Office ensures completion of construction contracts according to contract requirements, provides technical supervision for construction projects, coordinates the activities of public utilities, contractors, and other governmental agencies on construction projects, documents contract work progress for paying the contractors; informs property owners, news media, other governmental agencies, and the public of construction operations within the District; provides requested technical assistance to other governmental agencies on their construction projects and ensures all required traffic safety and control measures are taken in the construction areas.


Construction Truck Operational Cost Survey

Contractors that would like to participate in the process to establish the statewide operating costs for various construction trucks should complete and submit a Construction Truck Operational Cost Survey