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The 1st and 7th Congressional districts intersect with MnDOT District 7.

MnDOT District 7 is responsible for providing a safe and reliable transportation system that serves 13 counties in south and southwestern Minnesota. MnDOT District 7’s responsibilities include managing and supporting more than 1,300 centerline-miles of state highways, 146 lane-miles of Interstate-90, 492 miles of rail line, 476 bridges, transit service in 13 counties, 14 airports, 10 rest areas, and other roadside infrastructure.

The district supports a diverse mix of small and medium-sized cities and rural expanses that reach from Worthington to Windom to Mankato. This area is a strong in agricultural crops and hog production. As well as a growth area for alternative fuel plants, including ethanol and other bio-science industries, and wind energy. The district's interstate and state highways provide accessibility and support the movement of freight and farm-to-market products.