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MnDOT Aeronautics overview

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Aviation allows time critical connection to destinations for the people, products, and businesses of Minnesota. It is a key component of our multimodal transportation system within the state, regionally, and around the world.

Aviation in Minnesota is more than passenger airline travel. General aviation is vital to communities across the state. Farming communities reap benefits from agricultural spraying, increasing crop yields through more efficient fertilizing. Aerial firefighting, mapping, and patrolling of utility lines help protect forested regions. In addition, mail and package deliveries, emergency response, and patient transport services benefit all Minnesota residents and businesses. MnDOT continues to engage and work closely with stakeholders throughout the state in developing the goals of our aviation system and identifying the needs of airports. Our aviation system is essential to communities throughout the state and through this work we ensure the effective and efficient use of the system’s resources.

Services provided

As the state aviation agency, MnDOT:

  • Collects aviation taxes and safeguards the long -term viability of the state airports fund
  • Distributes state airport and federal funds to ensure a robust, well -balanced aviation system
  • Offers technical resources and expertise to communities to preserve the utility of airports
  • Plans and promotes a coordinated, cost-effective statewide system of airports
  • Provides navigational systems to increase the safety and efficiency of our airspace
  • Enforces state and federal safety standards through airport licensure and inspection
  • Promotes aeronautics through information, education, and outreach to pilots and the public