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Complete Streets

Complete Streets

A three lane road with a center turn lane, parking lanes on both sides, and sidewalks on both sides. The road is passing through a small town’s downtown commercial corridor. There are people walking on the sidewalk.
We reconstructed Hwy 78 with a Complete Streets approach to improve bicycling, walking, and livability. Hwy 78 is also Battle Lake's main street.

MnDOT is a Complete Streets leader. In 2013, we were one of the first DOTs in the country to develop a statewide policy. A Complete Streets approach is required on all eligible projects. This means addressing the safety and access needs of users of all ages and abilities. It means considering the needs of people walking, biking, and taking transit, motorists, commercial vehicles, and emergency vehicles moving along and across roads. A Complete Streets approach recognizes varying needs across urban, suburban, and rural settings.


Complete Streets has many benefits, including improving safety, advancing transportation equity, strengthening local economies, and building healthy, climate-resilient communities.


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