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This site provides access to MnDOT’s agency wide CADD resources. They are in the agency standard Bentley MicroStation V8i file format and Bentley GEOPAK V8i format. Use of these files allows designers to create MicroStation CAD documents that adhere to MnDOT publication standards for engineering plans.


Bentley, Bentley MicroStation & Bentley GEOPAK are trademarks of Bentley Systems Incorporated and are used here for specificity and clarification only.

Access to the information and resources under this site are subject to acceptance of the MnDOT CADD Data Standards Disclaimer. Be aware of your responsibility regarding the quality of the data on this site.

Viewable Information


PDF file containing information including file and element specifications, level 1 delivery requirements.
Last Update 02-10-2009


PDF file that contains the MnDOT point numbering scheme and the plotted line weight guide.
Last Update 02-10-2009


PDF file that contains the MnDOT’s general text sizing guide with additional functional group specific guides as available and developed.
Last Update 06-15-2005


PDF file that contains the MnDOT file naming guide. Includes format, functional group indicator and content designator. Includes convention for documents stored in MnDOT's EDMS for Staff Approved Layout and Final Plan Set.
Last Update 03-24-2010


PDF file that explains use of the MnDOT standard color table and its use as a common resource among multiple functional groups.
Last Update 11-10-2005


PDF file that contains the listing of Bentley MicroStation resources provided through this site with a comment about general content.
Last Update 04-13-2009


PDF file that contains the Level 2 CADD Delivery specifications.
Last Update 02-10-2009


PDF files that contains listing of changes to specific resources found in the mndot-cdstds-pdf.ZIP download file.
Last Update 2-06-2009


PDF files that contains previous years 2004-2008 listing of changes to specific resources found in the mndot-cdstds-pdf.ZIP download file.
Last Update 2-06-2009

Download Files


MicroStation V8 file format cells, fonts, line styles, seed files, dgnlibs, etc. for download.
Last Update 08-13-2014 File Size 12 MB


ZIP file containing the PDF “Viewable Information” files available on this site.
Last Update 01-16-2013. File Size 223 KB.


CADD Data Standards – V8/V8i
Files and resources in MicroStation V7/J file format are no longer available.






















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