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Making transportation accessible to everyone

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MnDOT's ADA transition plan

MnDOT's Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan was adopted in April, 2010 and revised in July, 2011. It serves as a guide to further MnDOT's vision, mission and core values by outlining key actions for making the state transportation system more accessible. View/print (Word 2.61 MB, PDF 1.3 MB)


Introductory cover letter

April 2, 2010


Dear Citizens of Minnesota,

I am pleased to share with you the ADA Transition Plan for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which I recently adopted. This plan is the result of extensive collaboration during the past two years among the Minnesota Department of Transportation and citizens, stakeholders, and partners throughout Minnesota. I want to thank everyone who took part in developing the draft plan.

This plan establishes a base for accessibility to Minnesota’s transportation system and will be a guide to help ensure transportation is accessible to all users.

As Minnesota’s transportation leader, MnDOT will uphold the vision and policies presented in this plan. The success of making our transportation system fully accessible depends on the coordinated efforts of all levels of government, the public, and the policies and strategies outlined in this plan. MnDOT will continue to look for opportunities to involve citizens, stakeholders and partners in the implementation of this plan, future updates to the plan, and in policy decisions affecting accessibility. Together, we can realize a shared vision of an accessible, safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system.



Thomas K. Sorel



Public comments 

Public comments from the MnDOT ADA transition plan public comment period in July 2011: