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About WebPortal

Once logged on to the WebPortal, you’ll see the MnDOT Citrix StoreFront (the StoreFront), which provides access to your applications and desktops. There are two methods for accessing the StoreFront:

  • The Citrix WebPortal (limited functionality)
  • The Citrix client (full functionality)

Both options provide StoreFront access via Citrix Workspace. The WebPortal uses Citrix Workspace Light from within a web browser. While this allows you to access the StoreFront from public devices like airport, library or hotel kiosks, it doesn't allow you to print using your own printers. If you only need quick access while traveling, or if you can't install the Citrix client and you're OK with this limitation, choose this option.

The Citrix Client (Citrix Workspace) offers the most robust experience including printing using your own printers. We recommend installing and using the client to access the StoreFront whenever possible.


Download and install the Citrix Client

Download mobile apps

Common issues

C:\ drive access on my computer from within Citrix applications

For security reasons, we're prohibited from accessing the local drives on the computers we're using from within Citrix applications.

Using the Run command to remote on to my work computer from the Standard Desktop and Video Log virtual desktop

The Run command has been disabled on the Standard Desktop and Shared Video Log virtual desktop to prevent using it to remote onto another computer because this "double-hop" slows things down. This method for remoting on to your work computer provides you a better experience:

  1. Choose the APPS tab in the Citrix StoreFront.
  2. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application icon.
  3. Enter the name of the computer to which you wish to connect.
  4. Choose Connect.

Connecting to my personal computer from the Standard Desktop and Video Log virtual desktop

For increased security, we can't connect to personally owned devices.

The Standard Desktop and Video Log virtual desktop Icon is missing in the StoreFront

Choose the Desktops tab at the top center of the Citrix StoreFront. The icon should appear.

My applications are missing in the StoreFront

Make sure you're on the apps tab at the top center of the Citrix StoreFront.  If you still don't see the icon, you might not have been granted access to the application, or the application is not published in the Citrix StoreFront.

Available applications on the Standard Desktop and Video Log virtual desktop

  • Microsoft 365, which includes Outlook (both the local Outlook application and the web version), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers
  • Icons for the RCA timesheet program, the State Employee Self Service Center, the MnDOT IT StoreFront and the VideoLog application
  • Access to your network mapped drives

Changing your network password

We can change our network account passwords while logged in to the Standard Desktop and Video Log virtual desktop.

Using Multiple Monitors with Remote Desktop Connection

We can use all our monitors in a remote desktop session. 

Configuring Audio for use with Remote Desktop Connection

We recommend running applications requiring audio resources on the local computer (the one you're physically in front of) rather than running them remotely and streaming audio between the local and remote computers. We often get choppiness on low-speed or unstable internet connections because audio streams consume a relatively high amount of internet bandwidth.

What to do when Citrix is slow

The most common cause of Citrix slowness is slow internet connection speed.  We recommend performing an internet speed test to determine your internet connection speed from your current location. A good speed is 15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload as a minimum.  As a comparison, our work network speed is 1,000 Mbps.  If you don't see those speeds or faster, try switching to a wired connection if you're on a wireless network.

What to do when you can't remote on to your work computer

Contact the MNIT Enterprise Service Desk: