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Traffic Engineering

Tech memos

Approved products

  • 03-20-T-05 Traffic Control and Safety Product Evaluation Process and Qualified Products List

Pavement markings

  • 22-01-T-01 MnDOT Provisions for Pavement Marking Operations


  • 08-04-TS-02 Rumble Strips on Shoulders of Rural Trunk Highways
  • 07-12-TS-04 Pavement Reclamation Projects, Re-Classification as a Preservation Work Type
  • 07-02-T-01 Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE)


  • 04-07-T-01 Pedestrian Countdown Signals (PCSs) Usage
  • 03-13-T-04 Removal of Overhead Red/Yellow Intersection Control Beacons


  • 17-06-T-01 Requester Pay
  • 08-07-TS-01 Flashing & Moving Lights on Outdoor Advertising Devices
  • 13-01-T-01 Dynamic Speed Display Signs
  • 06-04-T-02 High Performance Sign Sheeting for Temporary Rigid Signs & Barricades
  • 06-02-T-01 Retroreflective Sheeting Materials for Permanent Signs, Markers & Delineators
  • 04-11-T-02 In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Work zones

  • 19-03-T-01 Crashworthy Requirements for Temporary Traffic Control Devices
  • 18-04-OP-01 ADA Accessibility in MnDOT’s Right-of-Way
  • 17-10-T-03 Minnesota Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy