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Download the Microstation .DGN file - ENGLISH units

Rural Lighting and Flasher (RLF) Equipment Pad. See Standard Plate 8107

Installation Steel Screw In Foundation Design E & H (DGN 01-2018) (PDF)

Installation Steel Screw In Foundation Design P (DGN 01-2017) (PDF)

Voltage from
Power Company
Lighting Service Cabinet Type
L1 L2
240/480 120/240 and
240/480 *
detail 1.dgn detail 4.dgn
240/480 240/480 *
(with stepdown)
detail 2.dgn detail 5.dgn
120/240 120/240 detail 3.dgn

detail 6.dgn

* Where available from the power company, it is preferable to obtain 2 separate services from the power company at 2 different voltages, rather than to use a step-down transformer for the signals.