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Roadway And Characteristics Editor Request

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Preview of RACER Application screen

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The Roadway And Characteristics Editor Request (RACER) application is available to users both internally and externally. It is a tool that users of MnDOT’s Linear Referencing System (LRS) data can use to submit requests for corrections to missing or inaccurate data.

RACER is not intended for notifications about errors in the TIS/GIS BaseMap data. These datasets were frozen in January 2014 and will not be updated further.

Guests can submit requests without the need to log in. The login button is intended only for users in the Data Systems & Coordination Section of MnDOT's Office of Transportation System Management.

For information on how to use the application, see the RACER user manual.

Use of RACER is subject to MnDOT's disclaimers, legal notices, and policies.