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Plant mixed asphalt - design guidelines

By: Rollin Larson, State Aid Construction Specialist (Districts 6, 7, and 8)

State Aid has always tried to provide current guidance for our cities and counties on how to best use materials for a successful and long-lasting roadway. For projects containing a bituminous surface, this has been done with a series of Technical Memorandums through the years that contained both best practices and standards that the MnDOT Office of Bituminous Engineering has developed for MnDOT and local agency projects.

When the most recent Technical Memorandum for Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement (17-SA-01) expired a couple years ago, it was replaced by a new Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement - Design Guidelines document. Like prior Technical Memorandums, this document contains a blend of standards, best practices, and tips for your bituminous designs and project provisions.

The design guidelines document is best used as a starting point for city and county designers as they begin each project, rather than just continuing with what they may have used on past projects. Based on MnDOT and local research and testing through the years, we believe that using these guidelines will help put you on the path to building your best pavements.

This document can be found on the State Aid Pavement website, by clicking on the “Information, training, and videos” link under Pavement Design, then clicking on Plant Mixed Asphalt Pavement- Design Guidelines (PDF).

Please review and share this document with your design team.