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State Aid E-Scene

Issue No.
N/A July
  • Local Road Improvement Program Update
  • State Aid Construction Hot Topics
  • Traffic Signal Warrants
N/A June
  • Resources for State Aid Rules
  • New Standard Plates and Standard Plans
  • District 6 LPP Project Highlight
  • Reminder: Please Continue to Report Traffic Control Devices using a Statewide Interim Approval
  • Employee News
N/A May
  • COVID Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA)
  • Standard Specifications for Construction 2020 Version
  • How is MnDOT Preparing for a Connected and Automated Future?
  • State Aid Bikeway Webpage Update
N/A April
  • Update on State Aid Programs: LRIP, LBRP, and SRTS
  • Regarding Mobilization and Traffic Control as Pay Items
  • MFT Site Information
N/A March
  • Update from MnDOT Traffic Forecasting and Analysis
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Introducing the State Aid Needs Online Map
  • How is Minnesota Prepared for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)?
  • The RYG Sheets
  • Employee News
N/A February
  • A Minnesota Vision for Speed Limits
  • New Bridge Information Online Map
  • MnCMAT2: The Case of the Moving “M” Counties
  • OneOffice Software Upgrade
  • Employee News
  • Culvert AOP workshop still has open seats
  • 2020 MnDOT Spec Book on HOLD
  • Legislative update—bonding bill
  • New Plan Review Checklists
  • State Aid Rules stakeholder input process
  • PathWeb services update
  • LPP D7 project Highlight
  • Reminder - MnDOT materials testing software
  • FHWA pay quantity documentation reviews
  • What is CAV?
  • A relook at an existing tool
  • Employee news
  • New Reinforced Concrete Pipe Load Tables
  • Easier DCP form 04 submittal to OCR on federal projects
  • 2020 SPRA solicitation open
  • 2020 MnDOT Standard Specifications for Construction
  • New bridge ownership guidance document
  • New tool for project planning: Office of the State Archaeologist Portal
  • Ban of certain telecommunication and surveillance equipment on federal aid projects
  • Upcoming Title VI Assessment for local agencies and new Title VI resources
  • Metro LPP project highlight
  • Employee news
  • SRTS Demonstration Project Solicitation open
  • Two new NEPA environmental documentation forms now available
  • DBE Clearance
  • Know the fine print – federal funds for preliminary engineering and right of way
  • MnCMAT2 update
  • MnDOT materials testing software
  • Employee news
  • New Statewide Interim Approvals website
  • LPP project highlights
  • MnCMAT2 update
  • Where did you get those specs?
  • Soil bed preparation/vegetation establishment
  • Rolled erosion prevention products update
  • SAF reminder
  • Got bats?
  • Employee news
  • MnDOT partners with Blue Earth County to dismantle historic Kern Bridge
  • Are you using all the pavement tools at your disposal?
  • District 3 LPP highlights
  • MnDOT OCR introduces the tribal tools you’ve been waiting for
  • MNCMAT 2 update
  • LPP update
  • Historic and archaeological surveys
  • New work zone flagger law — what you need to know
  • Emergency Relief update
  • Patented and proprietary products final rule
  • FLAP update
  • MnDOT to launch new training
  • Employee News
  • Local Partnership Program
  • Revised environmental documentation for federally funded projects
  • Retainage: MN Statutes 15.75: Progress Payments of Public Contracts
  • On the horizon, new electronic fillable load rating forms
  • FLAP—call for projects is open
  • Upcoming HSIP solicitation
  • Variance request process
  • Coming soon: SRTS engineering studies solicitation
  • Project coordination within AIA
  • NHI Roadside Safety Design course
  • Gravel Road Management Tool
  • Required specifications for contractors
  • Employee news
  • MnCMAT 2.0 update
  • FLAP—call for projects
  • Standard Specifications for Construction update
  • Town bridge improvement costs
  • Guidance for creating searchable contracts
  • Plastic pipe options for storm sewer and culverts
  • Proprietary products on federally funded projects
  • Coming soon, new bridge funding eligibility criteria using BRIM
  • Employee news
  • Emergency preparations
  • HSIP solicitation for 2020-2023 update
  • Proposed amendment to rules governing environmental review
  • LPA access to AASHTO TC3 online training library
  • MN LRRB update
  • Dealing with those blasted bridges
  • New State Aid liaison at USACE
  • Northern area SALT Construction Specialist named
  • Out of sight, out of mind
  • 2018 SRTS awarded projects
  • Employee News