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MnCMAT2 training videos and tutorials

MnCMAT2 training videos and tutorials

Here you will find past recording of MnCMAT2 training. Specific tutorials will be available soon.

No. Section Duration

Introduction to Crash Data (YouTube)
This section outlines the technical resources used to define a crash, source of crash data, and historical development of crash data at MnDOT. It discusses data conversion process that took place to align pre-2015 crash data codes to post-2015 crash data.

25 Min

Introduction to MnCMAT2 – Part 1 (YouTube)
This section introduces the MnCMAT2 application, how to orient through the interface its basic tools.

45 Min

Introduction to MnCMAT2 – Part 2 (YouTube)
This section introduces users how to generate Charts, Reports, Tables and use the online Help Menu

45 Min
4.0 Analysis (YouTube)
This section introduces users on available traffic engineering analysis tools, manuals and resources at MnDOT
4 Min
5.0 Data Errors (YouTube)
Some of the most frequent data errors and their possible causes are discussed in this section.
5 Min