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Minnesota Construction eAdvertising is a way for the public to view and search for counties and cities abbreviated ads in one centralized location. The abbreviated ad for bid will include important project information, and it will also include a link to view the full ad for the bid.

The URLs to view and create ads have been moved, please use the updated URLs in the links below.


How do ads get to your website and what is the process?

  • Ads can get to eAdvert two ways: submitted thru OneOffice (using the local agencies eGram server) and using the online tool (this is for local agencies that do not have OneOffice/eGram or do not have the project in OneOffice).
  • Ads are gathered from OneOffice/eGram servers twice a day (6 am and 6 pm). If you make a change in OneOffice we will not see it till after those times (but we do have the ability to do a manual sync of data from OneOffice/eGram).
  • When the ad is here it goes thru an approval process. Ads are checked for accuracy (funding source, link to full ad, DBE goals, etc.).
  • When an ad is approved it will show up on eAdvert website on the date you put down for “Required Posting Date”.
  • It will stay on the site’s main page until “Expected Bid Opening” date.
  • After this date projects can still be found in the “Bid Calendar” (upper right corner of main page).
  • It is possible to have an ad approved but not be on eAdvert website (if date for “Required Posting Date” is not yet reached).
  • If you are using the online tool, you can see the status of your project by logging back in (if you do not see your project it was not saved).

When I request an online account, when should I receive it?

  • Our goal is to have your online account created in two business days.

What is timeframe for having my abbreviated ad approved?

  • If everything is correct, our goal is to have your eAdvert approved in two business days.
  • By “everything correct” we especially mean the link to the full ad. This link must go directly to a full ad (or as close as possible). Having the link just go to your general website is not useful to us or more importantly the contractors interested in bidding on your project (this tends to be one of the biggest reason for delay of approving ads).
  • If information is not correct you will be notified of errors.
  • So all this means, get your ad to us as soon as you can. One week before “Required Posting Date” is a good timeframe.

Can more than 1 person have an account for an agency/consultant?

  • Yes, we group online accounts by agency/consultant. (so if 'cityx' or 'countyx') has two users, when either user logs in they will see all ads created with the online tool for that agency. It is the same for consultants.
  • These groups are not tied to a specific county/city. So a consultant can create ads for any county/city they are working with.

Who do I contact about support (need to change info on a already approved ad, etc)?

  • Send an email to saltirhelp.dot@state.mn.us. Include in your email the project info, project number, and any other important info that we can use to help you.