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Speed Limits in Minnesota

speed limit signs showing various speed limits

About speed limits

How are speed limits set?

Minn. Statute 169.14 establishes statutory speed limits on most typical roadways under ideal conditions. All other speed limits are set by the DOT Commissioner based upon an engineering and traffic investigation. These factors are considered:

  • Road type and condition
  • Location and type of access points (intersections, entrances, etc.)
  • Sufficient length of roadway (1/4 mile minimum)
  • Existing traffic control devices (sign, signals, etc.)
  • Crash history traffic volume sight distances (curve, hill, etc.)
  • Test drive results speed study

What are the current speed limits?

The most common speed limits are:

  • 10 mph in alleys
  • 30 mph on streets in urban districts
  • 55 mph on other roads
  • 65 mph on expressways
  • 65 mph on urban interstate highways
  • 70 mph on rural interstate highways

Learn more about how to get a speed limit changed.

Types of speed limits

Regulatory speed limits

speed limit 50 signThis black and white sign shows the maximum speed that a motorist may travel under ideal conditions. It can be a statutory value or else it must be authorized by the commissioner of transportation. See regulatory speed limit sign standards.

Advisory speed limits

speed limit 25 signThis black and yellow speed sign is used to advise motorists of a comfortable speed to navigate certain situations. It is used with a warning sign. For instance, when traveling on a winding road, the curve warning sign would be used with an advisory speed sign. This sign may be posted by the local road authority on local roads. See advisory speed limit sign standards.

School speed limits

school speed limit 20 signEnsuring the safety of children on public streets near schools is the responsibility of parents, school officials and road authorities. View/print more about school zone speed limits (PDF) or see more school zone speed limit guidance.

Speed limits in work zones

The Speed limits in work zones guidelines (PDF) booklet outlines the guidelines, proper layouts and procedures for implementing various speed limit types to be used in work zones. See work zone advisory and temporary speed limit sign standards.