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How the projects scored in 2019

The construction costs shown on this list represent a very rough estimate based on limited information available at the time selection decisions were made. Actual construction and delivery costs will change over time as projects go from a concept through the project development process and are eventually constructed. View more detailed scores (Excel).

Last updated December 2019

Score Culvert number Route Key intersection or closest landmark Work Type Year planned (FY) High level construction cost estimate for planning purposes Comments
53 90754 MN 244 Stream near Lost Lake in Mahtomedi Replace 2021 $200,000 Selected prior to the policy (in 2019-2022 STIP)
52 8284 US 61 Irrigation ditch near Forest Lake Replace Not selected $200,000
49 4933 US 61 Cannon River Replace Not selected $300,000
49 90386 MN 5 Ramsey County Regional Rail Replace Not selected $900,000